We all know the game "stackers" at the boardwalk or arcades where you have to stack blocks to win a prize. Im sure most of you know this game is rigged to only let 1/400 or so players win but I WAS SO CLOSE! On the last row i swear i made it but it seemed almost impossible! I was so pissed off. Anyway, share your experience with this addictive, yet cheap game.

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Yeah it's definitely rigged, in my opinion. I've spent $10 trying to win that damn game
I was at a bowling alley with some friends and one kid was ****ing crazy at it. He got to like the last row on his first try. Was very impressive to say the least.
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I read it as "slackers" and thought this thread was going to be about your dislike of the lazy.
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My friend wasted $30 on it at a theme park. I think it's clearly rigged to let you get to the last row and then not let you get it so you keep playing.
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