Ok I'm going to be buying a bugera 6262 head and I'm going to be playing metal for gigs and some clean bluesey stuff when I'm at home.

Budget for cab is about 700 bucks.

What cab will do the job?

(Also if you think I can get a better head and cab setup for 1100 bucks for my playstyle, show me)
i would not buy that head.

bugera amps are really unreliable, and they are honestly a death trap. open one up and take a look at the solder joints and such. definitely cheaply manufactured with very low quality control.

save your dough and buy something that is reliable, because face it, you will be upgrading again in the future, save the waste of money and the unnecessary step. plus 700 dollars for a cab is a lot.

I would go to a pawn shop and buy an old beat up cab, some new speakers, and wire it yourself. you can buy speaker clones (there is literally no difference between these and celestionns) for 40 bucks a speaker. as long as the cabinet isnt made out of MDF you will be good.

For metal i would suggest Greenbacks ( the clone name is green-beret) or vintage 30's (clone name is veteran 30's)

but seriously, dont be an impatient teenager stereotype (not saying you are a teenager or anything) and save some dough, buy something you wont ever have to replace.
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If I got the amp I really wanted it would be a 6505 halfstack.... But that's like an extra 700 bucks., maybe I should just save my money...... I could sell a lot of stuff I guess.

I guess playing a schecter hellraiser on a gdec has kind of made me a little anxious for good tone these days lol
Avatar 2x12s. BTW ENGL head is the way to go...
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the 6505 is sick as hell, and peavey is extremely generous about customer service. B-52 is also priced very cheaply, ive worked on a few. The only problem ive ever seen on one is fan-failure, and that was only on a certain year of them. ive cracked a few open, and i gotta say, the workmanship is perfect (because its from china). All the solder joints and everything are perfect, seems like a very reliable amp. the AT series anyways, the only ones i have worked on. sounded damn good if i do say so myself. im looking to get one of those, or a peavey valveking. you will not regret saving your money, i can tell you that. get a side job or something strictly for the fund and it will fill up in no time.
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For 1100 I can get a 6505 combo?

Better idea?

Personllay I think 120 watts of tube is WAYYYY to much anyway