Hi UG!

Here's a video of Elise and me playing Orion by Metallica.
My mom filmed it for some extra "dynamics" haha!
I played the bass lick and solo too, just on my guitar though.
We worked pretty hard on this and love to hear what you think!


Thanks for watching!
wow. i am honestly shocked. very good job.

two girls playing Metallica (and doing a great job) = hot
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Fantastic job. Even for people who can play the whole thing with a camera going with no fluffs is a feat, for a 7plus minute song, with really tight harmonising. Can't think of anything else other than that it's a perfect recording as far as I can see, great tone too.

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Some of the bends were kind of wild and I really dislike the last solo. Like I said, it was played well, I'm not saying you guys didn't do the song well. It's just not a good solo to me that you put in at the end.
I think you guys did a good job. I'm not really a metallica person(i hate them) but theres not really anything wrong with this. maybe a bit sloppy on the bending and vibrato. other than that its good.

Nice job ladies
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I'm not a massive fan of metallica but i thought you dudettes were awesome! how long you been playing for?
We've both been playing for a little more than 2,5 years now.
Wow, you both are really good. Definitely keep it up. If thats only with 2.5 years of playing, you definitely both have potential to go far. Everything was really good, I didnt like the tone too much though, I think it was way too bassy in my opinion. But the playing itself was great, I couldnt catch onto too many mistakes, and it was especially good for just being run through in one take.
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two girls playing Metallica (and doing a great job) = hot

My God! This is awesome. By the time you're my age you'll be the fastest guitarist alive. Don't ever stop.