I have a Fender Strat with only 21 frets and I require 22 on some solos. Is there anyways I can get around this without having to change the song? Sorry is this question sounds stupid but I joined 2/3 months ago and only posted a couple times.
Try bending the string to make the note higher.

Thats how I would solve the problem.
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See,I'd do that, but the 22 note is a bend so if I did bend it then it'd only sound like a 22 without a bend, would a whammy bar help?
uhh bend up a half step more? Or do a prebend and bend however much you're supposed to after?
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uhh bend up a half step more? Or do a prebend and bend however much you're supposed to after?

I've tried bending it as hard as I could its impossible to get the proper sound.
It's a half step bend, right? Just bend up the string half a step before you pick, then play the note so it'll sound as if it was really the 22nd fret. Then bend up another half step. Really, you'd just be doing a step bend.
just get over it the song cant be of godly status to you
(however if it is damn i dont know what you could do)
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just play 21

or buy a neck with 22 frets on it

or bend a full step
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Hmm is the solo "Money" by Pink Floyd? Because I run into a similar problem with that song. You could play that section an octave lower but it wouldn't be quite the same.
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funny thing is i was thinking about this yesterday lol... i would assume to bend it a full step.

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