Hey guys,

I'm a bass player who's been playing a a little over a year and I'm thinking about buying a multi-effects pedal. I've looked through musiciansfriend and I've noticed these two.

Boss ME20B


Digitech BP200

Wait one more question, I play through a Rumble 25 , will the effects hide the tone?
ill go the digitech ive always liked the digitech quality and endurance

also it shouldnt really hide the tone if u set them up right, it should also be able to enhance your tonality of ur amp and bass

so just dont flood the amp with pure effects other as per usual it will sound muddy
I own the BP200, but haven't used the Boss.

If you are looking for a bit of a sampler smorgashboard of effects, the digitech is decent.. It has a nice drum machine option, but some of the effects leave a bit to be desired, and frankly I've found them useful for freaking out the household cats and not much else. Its good for practice and experimentation, but its not really a gig worthy multi-pedal and you'd be better off buying some single stomp pedals instead. Oh yes, it also has a nice tuner built in. Its fun though, and some of the settings are highly addictive.

I used the pedal with Kustom BA10, which is the worst practice amp known to man, and it was a workable situation, so I wouldn't be too concerned using a multi with a Rumble.
Yeah, I wasn't planning to use on of these for gigging; just practicing. Has anybody ever used this Boss pedal?
I've had limited experience with the Boss pedal, but I've played in a band where the celloist (cellist?) used one and she said she wasn't happy with it.

Most of the effects were only decent at best - the distortions and chorus were okay, but anything w/ the expression pedal were pretty bad.

Plus, you can't combine delay, flanger and chorus all at once, since they're in the same bank of effects.

Personally, I think multi-FX are only for trying out effects, unless you get something pretty expensive, like one of those Line6 dealies.

Also, the tweakability and visual accessibility of individual pedals is a lot easier, IMO. Instead of going through a whole bunch of menus and trying to save presets, it's a lot easier just to twist some knobs.

Finally, most people only use a handful of effects (compression, chorus, distortion, wah) anyway - there's no real need for a multi-fx.
Personally, I agree with everyone else. I fail to see a real use for multi-effects. To me, they're for people who don't know what they want, and people who don't know what they want shouldn't be buying anything.

For what it's worth, effects don't give an entirely knew sound, they have to get the base sound from somewhere. Effects are really only as good as your amp.
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If you are looking for a bit of a sampler smorgashboard of effects, the digitech is decent..



Yes, I would agree with what people are saying. I've used a Zoom bass multifx (the crappy one) and they're very useful for getting an idea of what effect pedals you really want to buy seperately.

I say, go for it!
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I bought the Digitech RP200 for guitar, played the BP200 at a store and decided that the RP200 was good enough to use for both. Gigwise, it's good for tuning and for 'special effects' and soloing.

I used to have a Digitech rackmount multi-effects (forgot the model it's been sold for 10 years now), and that replaced all my stomp boxes (except the crybaby) for gigs. I liked that I could get a completely different eq setting and tone with a tap of my foot.
for $150, it's a great deal! Boss and digitech make individual pedals that only do a few effects (Boss has a Synth pedal thats more than 150)
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The ME-20B isn't all that great. I own it and rarely use it. I guess it is decent for trying things out, but $150 is a lot of money to spend just to try effects out.