Well pit, I come to you for moral advice. I was sitting at my computer minding my business, then out of the corner of my eye I see something crawling on the floor, I turn and look its a pretty big black spider. Now at first I was gonna let it go and carry on to wherever it wanted. If I didn't bother it, then it would just bother me at night, or my family members, but we wouldn't know, we'd be asleep. But I never seen that kinda spider before. To make a long story short I stepped on the spider. I could have guided it outside but I don't like playing with insects/bugs. Unless they are the nice ones. But yea I stepped on it, and a couple minutes after I did, I started feeling kinda down and all, I was like man. Poor spider, one second its crawling along a dining room floor, then comes a fag (I'm not gay, but I'm sure that spider was calling me a fag at the moment my shoe was over its body) and kills it. It was kinda depressing. So would you have stepped on it or what? Just curious. Thats all.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
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why step on it? its not gonna kill you...
I have no opinion on this matter.
Nope. I try not to kill things if I can help it. I would have just left it. Hell, I probably would have even waved.
I would have killed it...I hate spiders.

But saying that, I always feel bad after killing any insect.
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I would have panicked, jumped on the nearest table, and beat it from afar with a broom.

I'm afraid of spiders.
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I swallow it whole, like a man.
actually, the last time i saw a spider, i put it in a jar and sealed the jar.

it took the damn thing 3 weeks to die...
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I woulda freaked out try to grab it with about 15 paper towels, then ran to the door.
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But something about this spider told me to kill it. It just gave off this wrong vibe, like scooping it up wasn't an option. Like a spider terrorist or something, ha. But seriously, I probably couldn't have scooped it up, if I did, it might have crawled on me, and bit me or some ****. But yea I tend not to kill bugs or anything, except for this one. Oh and I am sure if was a a puny human living in a giant spider world it would have done the same to me.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
I would've stepped on it. I'm kind of a sadist.
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I would have picked it up and tossed it outside...

No cleanup required :p
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why step on it? its not gonna kill you...

i've found black widows outside my house, those things like to kill people.
You gotta realise that spiders are terrified of you. Thats why they try and run away.
You havent seen a spider untill youve seen a Funnel Web spider.. Australian. Big. Scary. Mean. Can kill a human in less than an hour if bitten.
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that's just what they do.
there's probably humans doing the same thing.
quit being so paranoid.

I put spiders in the corners on my roof when I find them. I have a butt load of daddy long legs' living in my room.
And there is a small beetle crawling abound my Slayer poster.
Nah, I hate stepping on bugs. Not because I feel sorry for them, but because I hate the fact that there would be guts on my shoes.
You think you have it bad? The spiders are so big over here they have health bars.
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I woulda freaked out try to grab it with about 15 paper towels, then ran to the door.

Sounds like me!

I once had to catch a centipede with a freaking pizza box! Then I put it out in the street to get run over by a car.

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You think you have it bad? The spiders are so big over here they have health bars.

Do you have that pic by any chance? I've looked around for it but I haven't been able to find it, and I'm not looking through the demotivational picture thread just for that pic.
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If it said Line 6 on it I would.

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I'd have killed it.
What if it was poisonous & it bit you then you died?
I'm pretty sure that would suck.
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why step on it? its not gonna kill you...

You never know...
You like it
I would have smashed the **** out of that spider.


I hate them.
They're sick. I dont care or feel bad when I do it either.

Call me what you will, I hate spiders.
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dam you TS, now I'm imagining big hairy spiders crawling all over my feet and up my legs

I would have smashed it in a heartbeat, I hate spiders with a passion.
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I probably would have set it on fire and laughed hysterically as it scrambled around on the floor.

If it was outside or in my shop, then I would have sprayed brake cleaner on it and torched the bastard. I've killed many a spider with brake cleaner and a torch.

In my room, I would have smashed it.
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I would either let it be, or if it's big enough, feed it to my lizard.