would it be accurate to say, the better your technique at preforming pinch harmonics, the less distortion is required to preform them well?

I only ask because with max distortion they are really easy to produce, while with lower distortion they are much harder to do.
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yeah...its best to learn with high distortion, then after that its way easier once you know your guitars sweet spots...its pretty easy for me to pull them off on acoustic now
Distortion accentuates overtones (or harmonics) of any note, on a valve amp, the lovely even harmonics, on solid states, the ugly odd harmonics. Either way, this accentuation of the harmonics means that when you rip off a pinch harmonic with tons of overdrive, it'll jump right out without too much coaxing, but running clean, you'll need to be pretty spot on.
its not that its easier to learn, its just they come out much better w/ high gain/treble
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