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It's a delay pedal oscillating.

yes. yea' old boss
dont take any guff from these bastards man

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Yes when you have something looping on a delay pedal you can change the delay time and it will distort the sound.

If you plan on doing it though,
just make sure you have a large delay time at first with feedback set to full.

That way you will have enough time to "record" what you want and the sample will continue to loop until you turn off the pedal which will give you all the time you need to mess with it.

What he is using in the video is definitely a Boss and it looks like either the DD-3 or the DD-6.

One of my delay pedals, the Boss DD-20, has the same sound but the controls are much different and actually very nice for what it is designed for (standard delay effects) but it would be very hard to use for warping so I wouldn't recommend it if you only wanted to achieve the effect in the video.

My other delay pedal, the Electro Harmonix #1 Echo, has the same controls as the one in the video so it is easy to achieve this effect but I don't have enough experience with either the DD-3 or the DD-6 to guarantee that it has the same sound.
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Its crazy but i knew what will be under this link when i saw the topic title. Maybe because that pedal is friggin cool.