Hey guys, I just finished recording my first original song that has lyrics. I sang and played the guitar and bass on the recording, and used Fruityloops to make the drums. The song's in my profile. Let me know what you think, all criticism is welcome and appreciated.

I really like it, doesn't get too repetitive and everything fits together well. You've definitely got great tone on the guitar too. The overall structure is well defined too but it still keeps its fluidity, and the solo's pretty much sexual.

I'm not really a fan of backing vocals as a rule, but they fit in nicely enough with the chorus. I honestly can't think of anything I'd change about this, good work
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Sorry, right when i saw you had a power rangers recording i had to listen to that instead. You actually did a very very good job with it, the taping came out perfectly i enjoyed it quite a lot.
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It's a really energetic track. From the first riff, it's very propulsive.
The vocals are good, in tune, with enough energy to keep up with everything else. I thought the backing vocals could've been a bit higher in the mix, maybe with a bit of reverb to thicken them. You used the lead guitar to puncutate the vocals well in places, and the solo is roaring, really good. Well constructed track too, not overlong or repetitive in my opinion. The weakest aspect for me would be the lyrics, which I wasn't mad about, but that's definitely a personal thing, and not something which anyone else would necessarily have a problem with. So, good job.

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Ok, I'll break it down:

+ The quality of the recording was incredible
+ The quality of the playing was also top-notch
+ Structure was good, changed enough to keep it interesting

- Not crazy about the lyrics or the singing. It was good, but it felt like the vocals could have used more energy.
- Although everything came together well, I think the mixing was a little TOO even. Something needs to stand above the rest to make it memorable.

But seriously, the song screams "Professional." Nice work.

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wow man. very professionable sounding. good tones and mixing. little things like the backround vocals make it sound really professionable. The only thing i would change if it were me would clean up the rhythm guitar just a tad, to give it a bit more definition. crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=840846
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Great recording quality and great song. Not my style but I still enjoyed it a lot. Vocals are good, and pretty unique. Song structure is excellent and overall its just a nice song. Well done man.
This is great! The riffs are very catchy, awesome quality, vocals are spot on. I'm not really sure how this could be improved on. great job