Hi UGers,

im a 16 year old beginner to intermediate guitarist who currently own a standard fender squier stratocaster and was looking to upgrade. I like the les paul design and my budget is max AU$600. If you guys could give me ideas or links that would be great!!!
http://www.guitarsatbmusic.com.au/esp/ (Great deals on ESPs)

Just to get you started. For more accurate links i need to know what styles of music you play and what your amp is.
For those who care.
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I don't know how you can upgrade to a Les Paul from a Squier Strat for under $600, only thing I can think of is an LP100, which is basically on par with a Strat, but if you like the Les Paul design, go for it...

EDIT: Though there is always the option that you could probably find an Epiphone Les Paul Custom for under $600, if you don't mind second hand.
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AU$ > US$(correct me if i'm wrong) , so u can get a real fender stratocaster if u want "the real thing" or an epiphone/agile/tokai LP custom.ESP LP copies are great too but if u really want a good LP,see if u can get ur hands on Orville LPs.Btw, have u thought of upgrading ur amp first?