Poll: Would you choose Fender or Gibson
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45 46%
53 54%
Voters: 98.
If you could choose a guitar/bass that you would get for free and it had to be a Gibson or a Fender, which would you choose?
Guitar fender
Bass: fender

Holy **** i'm a fender guy
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because this is a thread that has been done several times, and been closed several times.
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Yeah, well, I need the results for an assignment for school.

So it would be much appreciated if as many people as possible could vote. Thanks.

BTW, I did try and search for results first and could not find any
gah I would have to say Gibson ^^

though im a huge fan of the Ibanez ATK bass
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but why has it been closed.

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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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I want a Les Paul more than a Strat so I think Gibson is my choice there.
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I'd go for fender simply for the easy mods and versatility, plus I don't like the whole Hi-gloss neck finish.
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Im sorry but a good Les paul imo is better than at least 90% of fenders.
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Gibson yesterday, Gibson today, and Gibson tomorrow.

Yea Gibson is better.
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which is better, humbuckers or single coils?
100% subjective/taste
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and u should know that if something is already reported, you don't report it again
And you and i shouldnt be commenting here as well xD
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Gibson, so I could sell it and buy a couple fenders
But I like the sounds of a Fender, than a Gibson.
since i already have a fender, i'd take a gibson explorer
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BTW i am a bassist and we all know gibson is not the best in basses
but if a guitar i think i am not sure yet, but maybe a telecaster
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and u should know that if something is already reported, you don't report it again
And you and i shouldnt be commenting here as well xD

i agree
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Gibson for me, I'd like a nice LP or Explorer over Fender any day. I'm still a fan of Fender though.
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overall Fender but the Diablo SG is the sex!

Fender's quality has degreed a bit but gibson's quality drops like a stone right now
medium-quality wood, strange shapes, chambered body's etc.
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Gibson, so I could sell it and buy a couple fenders
But I like the sounds of a Fender, than a Gibson.


Epi better for sheer cost effectiveness.
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It's gotta be fender any day for me, although I still love the sound of a good les paul cranked up to 11!
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Old Gibson > Fender

Fender > Current Gibsons

I'd prefer an original 59' Les Paul so i'm a Gibson guy in the sense. However any of the new American series fenders seems much better than the robot guitars Gibson has put out.
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