Well idk if this has been done or not but what has been your worst mistake made at a gig/preformance

mine was during a school preformance i dropped my pick in the middle of the solo and tryed to play the rest tapping which didnt end up very well
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wait, im confused. exactly what did you stuff a stage up?
I have no opinion on this matter.
Wrong forum, man.
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strap fell off
the tape came loose
i was jumping at the time
hurt alot
though my pride hurt more
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i played in the wrong key
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Ahhh... the stuff epic fails are made of!
-Stepped on a lead & ripped it outta my amp!
-Tried to tap the bass line to "when I come around" while I tried to finish a beer
-Played an intire gig in the wrong tuning!
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Dropped pick during solo...

Uuuuh, I was too quite (or rather the drums were too loud).


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Pics nao.
i was 14 playing the solo to two princes by spindoctors and it was my second on stage performance so i was ridiculously scared and i completely ****ed it up and it just consisted of random little parts i got right
when i played in the school band i had the wrong piece of music out so i was playing something completely different to the rest of the band wrong key + wrong speed XDDDD
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All in one song, dropped my pick before the solo, picked it up, then stepped on my lead, finally, half way thru the solo by then, I realised I only had a clean channel. Thats the worst I've had
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I blew up the amp cos I used a bass through a guitar amp lol. I just walked off stage....
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when i played in the school band i had the wrong piece of music out so i was playing something completely different to the rest of the band wrong key + wrong speed XDDDD

and that is why i get the tab then memorize them

and my first gig is coming up with a band made in 3 minutes so we may mess up uber bad since we are headlining XD
i was playin a solo for class band in the gym infont a couple of year levels and all of a sudden the speaker i was goin through fuked up, i dont think it blew it just stopped.....

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Me and the bassist played Children of the Grave in different keys. Apparently it sounded alright to the crowd and they couldn't really tell but I watched it on video and it was nasty.
was playing seek and destroy for a talent show with my brother and it turned out that my amp's volume wasn't very high so all i could hear was my little brother. i might as well of just mimed playing it >.<