hi dudes iv had the gt8 well for good few months now and my god its fantastic and theres loads more that it will do witch i have yet to discover, i have just found out about changing the settings for every new guitar that you plug into it witch makes each guitar sound fantastic.
Anyway i really want to start putting it through my pc and to start recording but im not sure on how to connect it.if you could please let me know of anything you know i would appreciate it.

thanks sunhouse
lots of options sunhouse. You can either get a soundcard with a S/PDIF input, or you can get a USB mixer and plug the GT-8 into that. Keeping things on the (somewhat) cheap side, I've had a lot of success with this mixer:


I use it to record direct into a laptop and I've been really happy with th results.
There is a cheaper way, that doesn't sound to bad if you play around with your levels. You can use the headphone out, connected to the mic in of your pc. Not as good as the other options but it does work good.
wow thanks guys,sorry if i didnt thank you straight away i didnt get a reply for a day or so and i forgot then to keep looking, but thanks its really give me some options. but i hate to say that i am so so skint (no money) lol. id love the mixer it looks fantastic. looks as if all i can look for getting is just a simple lead at the moment , so looks like the mic in option.
anyway thanks people!!!!!
peace sunhouse76
If you get a sound card with coax SPDIF input you will get the best quality and noticeably lower hiss. I've looked and the cheapest is about $35. Sometimes it hard to sort out which ones have it. Newegg.com is a good place to check.
Good luck with whatever way you choose. If you do it through the headphone out, just remember to play with your levels on the GT-8, and the mic level on the PC.
sounds as if theres loads of options dudes.
when i got the gt8 i got the dvd from lick library as well. it was very helpfull to find out how it all worked, But he said theres loads more to find out about it with the recording and middy side of things. but didnt tell you how went home had a coffee and then see to his wife made **** loads of cash,and im 25 qwid down and asking how to do it lol. arr well!!!!!!!!