I'm trying to upload a video on to youtube. It's not working

The problem is that the video size limit is 100mb and the video I wnt to put up is 103.9mb. I checked ut youtube and it said I could download the youtube uploader onto a windows computer and that would let me upload multiple videos or videos bigger than 100mb. The problem there is that im using a mac. Can anyone suggest FREE software to get the video under the 100mb limit without actually cutting away part of the video. Btw im using Mac OS X Panther 10.3.9 Thanks!!
Why dont you actually go to youtube help and ask them?
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Mine never, ever successfully upload to youtube.
Fuck, it annoys me.
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Google video compressor or a splitter to get smaller files.

I wasn't really thinkin when i read your post and typed in google video compressor thinking that google actually had their own one
But ya. Ive been doing that for an hour, Everything i have found so far either doesnt work on mac, costs money or is has limited functions because its a 'trial version' All for the sake of 3.9mb