hey guys
ive been playing guitar since i was about 8 years old (on and off) but the last 7 months ive become really passionate about my guitar playing and have started to sing (about 4 months ago) and apparently im pretty decent. (check my heart of life cover if u wanna hear it)

i wanna take the next step and get singing lessons and learn further into the guitar about scales and things so i can progress and with practice and skill growth play an improv solo and write songs knowing they are going to sound good not just guessing.
i know alot of bar chords, blues chords, major chords (dunno wat u call them but just like E C D G A, u know the basics)

so where should i start, i feel tabs are holding me back cause it only teaches you how to play a song in a certain way (usually the album recorded way) but i hear so many musicians change their songs around from the album version when played live, diff solo's, added in an extra verse or something, and hardly ever play the same song exactly the same twice, the artists who do this and inspire me are John Mayer and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and a lil bit of Eric Clapton.

thanks, Dale
Alright man. Well if you think of your singing voice as a serious investment, get singing lessons, bad singing technique can ruin your voice if you strain, and also its fun to learn how to sing better, i've been taking them for two months and been enjoying it lots. You should start by learning theory, that can take your music anywhere. I say this is what you do, Get singing lessons, start learning music theory, start with the major scale. I am doing the heart of life for my year 10 music peformance good song.

If you want to start improvising, try jamming in one key and improvsing some scales over it.
sounds like theory time!

I'd read the Crusade articles by Josh Urban in the Columns section - they give you a nice, gentle introduction to the whole thing.
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so to start with *high five for being a mayer fan*

you should start learning the pentatonics/blues scales
and if you want an easy way to add the modal notes into the pentatonics pm me and i'll show you
good luck with the playing man!
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thanks for your input everyone

first off *high five* back to dudeman andy

thanks mr seagull (haahah) im starting the crusade now!

and also thanks czizzle, but for me to start jamming in one key and improvising with scales
i need to learn scales and what scales work in what keys etc, which was wat i was asking with help for in the first post
but thanks anyway buddy
If you have an ear try singing what notes you are playing ala Jimi Hendrix They dont Know
then you gotta find your range Start with C and try to complete a major scale.Finally
sing from your Stomach muscles Dont force your lungs or you will run out of air before you finish your phrase.
Pentatonic and Soloing there are patterns for major and minor pentatonic
the boxes are the easiest way to go I have a gp 5 guitar tab i wrote with both a major
and a minor tell me where to send it and I ll give it to you It is a blues line in A
the time is little fast but you can slow it down
I tried to send it as an attachment and thesay its too large
im not into any of the music you like (i do like j. cash tho) but regaurdless this is whati would do. singing lessons im not to into becuase you can ethir sing or you cant. when i was starting a band and got stuck with the vocals i would go out for a walk at night and practice then, record it on my cell phone, and see if it sounded good. as for the guitar. TABS ARNT HOLDING YOU BACK!!! tabs are there incase you want to know how to play a song and you dont want to fingure it out yourself. learn music theory, barre chords, learn how to make minor and major chords. the kind of music you like, i would start with that basic minor and major, then the pentatonic, harmonic and melodic i like alot. and diminished i use alot. its all up to you. there have been times where i sat im my room for 3 hours playin improv, it all depends on your style. so my advice, find your style
thanks surge666

i know my style, its blues
and a bit of acoustic pop sort of stuff (chicks love it)

ive taught myself the notes of the guitar
and have learnt how to read music and turn the notes out on the guitar
im currently learning Intervals and such

and i do feel that in my style of music tabs are holding me back cause if wanna play the main rhythm of a song but when it comes down to making a nice improv solo i cannot do it because i do not have the theory behind me to knowledgeably make a decent sounding improv solo.

which is why im learning music theory in the first place
well its good that you have your own style but remeber that if you are just playing gutiar for the chicks, its better to not play. as for some nice improv, defenatly learn theory, the formulas. but dont take it all like its law! if a scale says there are not flats for something like that, add one or two, see what it sounds like. get some good rythem down and if your into it (i like it) play along to some johny cash, his stuff isnt to complex. try basic finger strengthing and speed practices. my favorate is this. start on the low E and play 1-2-3-4, play the 1-2-3-4 on all the strings from low to high. when you get to the high e, go up a fret and play 5-4-3-2. when you get to the low E again, go up a fret and repeat. do that untill you get to 12, that should give you practice and it should let you know what sounds like what all over the fretboard. i hope this helps
For singing, check out 'the ONLY singing thread' at the top of this forum. It has a pretty decent amount of information so you'll know how to sing with proper technique that won't damage your voice. But, of course, a teacher is the best way.
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