I need some songs to help me work on arpegios & tapping . I'm already pretty good at tapping , but I need to combine arpegios & tapping . So Please help me...
Let's take an example good major C tapping style with your B string. Settle your tapping finger to 13 fret that note is C wich is first note of C arpeggio, next put your other cand to 5 fret of B-string that note is E the third of C arpeggio, then put a finger to 8 fret at B-string that is G-note fifth note of C arpeggio. and now combine:
- Tap 13 fret at B-string
- Pull-off your tabbing finger to 5 fret at B-string
- Hammer-on it to 8 fret at B-string
- Repeat

You can do it in any key you like, just pick 1 3 5 notes and tap them, there are many other possibilities to tap an arpeggio but this is one.
Well thats a good exercise if you cant tap but I thought he said he was good tapper

Sorry had to say this
-^ basicly i meanted there how to create tapping arpeggios, not to tap.
Try some stuff by Avenged Sevenfold, such as the solo to "To End the Rapture (Heavy Metal Version)" for tapping, and other stuff by them such as the end solo to "Seize the Day", the solo to "Scream", or the solo to "M.I.A.".
By the way, all of those songs are by Avenged Sevenfold.
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