hey guys,

I'm a 17 year old guitarist still at school and I was wondering what careers are there out there that are involved with guitars/music aside from being a professional musician? ideas anyone?
[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']You could get at least a summer job at a nice music store, spending your time talking crap with the other guys, tuning guitars, and carrying a bit of stuff.

its not likely any guitar stores will employ people over summer especially since people order over the inernet alot more these days...at my local store i dont think ive ever seen people buy anything they just try out guitars and amps then buy a pick

bassically i dont think guitar stores can afford employees, at least mine cant
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You could always become a teacher, be it a guitar teacher or a music teacher in general (if you learn your theory). This way you would have a steady income while having plenty of time for making music and gigging.

- edit - Oh, how could I forget: You could become a ROADIE!
yer teaching wouldn't be bad, but i would have 2 work 4 some1 else who pays me rather than running my own teaching place. well at least 2 start with.