Someone in my flat has had squid oil since September. He's slightly weird, I havn't talked to him and I've lived with him for months.
But anyway, the squid oil (the type of sauce you'd see in a chip shop or something) was on top of the fridge, so when someone opened the fridge, it wobbled and fell off. It was glass, smashed, squid oil everywhere.

It stinks pretty badly, so badly that I can't go in to make lunch. Another flat mate went in to get a bowl of cereal, and now he smells of fish.

SO can anyone tell me the best way to get rid of a smell because this is probably going to linger for a while, and I need food
Keeping in mind we are students and don't have things like air freshener.
Lick it off the ground?

Or hire a dog or something.

Do dogs eat fish?

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kill yourself, its the only way so you can not smell the terrible odour

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It has been cleaned up, it still stinks.

The title is an anchorman quote

I was watching that yesterday and I didn't recognise it
I love the thread title.
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Cover yourself in plastic wrap and blankets, whatever you can find to keep the smell from penetrating your skin's pores and sticking to you. God speed.
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Find out if squid oil ignites... And if not.. Pour petrol and then light it.... It's the only way....