Hi all

First off, I have checked the Settings Thread and also www.valveronix.net and couldnt really find what i am after so my question is:

I have a Vox AD50VT and am looking for help getting the kind of tones used on RHCPs Stadium Arcadium, specifically songs like "Hump de Bump", "Torture Me", "Storm in a Teacup", "Turn it Again" and "Animal Bar"

Does anyone have/know of any decent settings for these songs?

Thanks in advance

Hope this is the right forum for this kind of thing....
Honestly I dont know too much about vox amps but anyway, Id say you want

a strat on the neck pickup.

Add a little gain to the amp just to induce very little crunchiness, id say mostly for hump de bump, bu for turn it again and others , its mostly a clean tone.

amp settings id say treble: 6, bass: 5.4, mids: 4.1, from 1-10

Make sure you hit the stings as hard as you can, create a percussion like sound. In passages when frusciante hits chords or more than one string, he ussualy just hits all the strings very har but mutes the ones he doesnt wanna hear, ttry that to get close to his sound.

Id say mostly the tone is in your playing, Ive tried various different combinations of settins on my amp and I can always get fairly close to his tone just by imitating his style.

EDIT: these willwork mostly for hump de bump, turn it again, and storm in a teacup clean tones. For distorted tones, id recommend a big muff distortion pedal, or an english muffn .
You definetly need a strat to get any kind of John Frus-whatever's sound. I didn't even know he used Vox so I can't help you with that end of the stick. But, I've run my American Strat through a couple of different amps and I can always get that kinda sound out of 'em. Hope it helps, even though I know nothing about your amp. Sorry bro
Buy a boss DS- 2 that will give you basic Fruscy tones and then to enhance it play solos with a big muff and DS-2 at the same time you will get basically his live sound
If you listen to Hump De Bump, its a strat. It depends which pickup, often John will record songs on the neck pickup, but if you look at live pictures of him, he uses the bridge pickup. Also, a very slight ammount of gain, to give it a warm crunch.

Songs like Turn It Again, are clean settings for the verses, with distortion on choruses and solos. A Boss DS-2 gives you rhythm tones, and a Big Muff gives you the lead tones (combined with the DS-2, you get a really warm, gainy tone)