To the people that can play this song, On the intro do you use alternate picking alone, or do you use sweep picking/economy to go up and down. I use the latter, but its not coming out as cleanly as i would like, theres some ringing. Is it to do with my picking or my fretting hand?
I play it using sweeps. I think that's the best way, but I'm not the best at sweeping, so It's still pretty sloppy.
A lot of people play it economy picked cos it's natural to play an arpeggio that way.

John alternate picks it. What you gotta do is play each note separately, rather than just holding the chord and picking the strings.
I alternate pick it. It just takes practice. It's a difficult song. The ringing that you are talking about is probably just from you not palm muting correctly.
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Alt picking.

^Is it normal for people to hold the chord shape?

No, the notes would ring together.

I would also use strict alternate picking and advise others to do so on this song.
i sweep pick the intro, when i try to economy pick it i get too caught up on the strings... i guess i'm just not that good at economy picking haha...
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I alternate pick it...but mainly cause I suck at sweeping
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I can sweep, but i alternate pick it, and i don't hold down the chord shape, i hit the individual notes, it sounds like your just arpeggiating a chord if you hold it down and attempt to sweep it.

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