hi everyone, i have an old epiphone les paul studio which sounds liek a bitch cos iput emgs in it. but the only problem is the action is soooooooooooo high so i lowered it but theres a point were i can only lower the bridge far enough without getting too much fret fuzz and its still far too high so i was wandering would tightening the truss rod up then lowering the bridge make it better.

this is also confusing cos i see pros liek james hetfield kirk hammett and zakk wylde with there bridges so low!

also when i played my mates telecaster it was shocking how much better the playibilty is

cheers lads (in advance)
i have the same problem currently.

I would probably say try a heavier string guage, and then go and get it set up by a guitar technician.
well i tried using ernie ball beefy strings then i thought wait these strings are shocking so i got sum really slinky ones and they dont seem to work.
plus taking it to a tech is hard because most people at the music store in lincoln arent techs there just sales people who can play guitar
Lower the bridge to its lowest point (right before the strings fret out [buzz]) and turn the truss rod 1/4 turn clockwise and let it set. Re-tune and if the action is low enough for you and the strings don't fret out, leave it. If not, repeat. Be careful, however, because excessive truss rod cranking will destroy the guitar's neck. Take it slow.
thats exactly what i was thinking thanks i needed confirmation cos although ive built a guitar ive neva set 1 up
Theres only so low you can go with action sometimes. Epi is not known for the effort they put into leveling frets on their guitars. Which I mean they dont do it at all unless you pay for the high dollar epis. It could be the neck relief it could easily be high frets or the fret board not being straight. Both epi LPs I have needed the frets fixed to get the action decent on em. So your best bet is to take it to a good tech and let them look at it. Fret levelling isnt that expensive neither is a good set up. Low tunings and heavy strings will only make issues like this worse.
basically ive had it set up by a guitar tech and he didnt realy change anything on it this is so anoying! and btw why would a heavier stribng gauge stop fret fuzzing it would mean i would have to raise the strings lol