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Anyone going this year? Anyone ever been? Anyone ever heard of it? I was hoping Kenny Wayne shepherd would be there but unfortuantly he's not. I'm going to see robert cray, buddy guy and some guy called ryan smith or ryan something. But im so dam excited!
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Nah, not this year, mate - its way too expensive, and i live just down the lake. I would have liked to see the Brazilians (gilberto gil ftw) and Alicia keys, but I ain't loaded
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Me and the GF were gonna plan it to go but it's just gonna be way too expensive. Will probably end up going one year if someone awesome is playing.

Just buy the DVDs Lol I love all the Live at Montreux CDs and DVDs, the Rory Gallagher one is pwnage at it's finest. Or the Santana one where he plays with Gatemouth brown, Buddy Guy and Bobby Parker is pretty damn good.