does this head and cab go to gether and for the price are these in a good price range and overall is this head a good one.





i know i put up a post about ampeg a while ago but F*** them i played this head yesterday and omg its great.

Do you really need such a big rig?

The ashdown mag's are great value, but you could easily get a much higher quality rig (albiet slightly smaller) for the same price. Even more so if you consider going used.

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They're recommended to go together.

Watch out though, that 8x10 is going to be very large.

Why not go for a 4x10 and a 1x15?
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Yeah, 8x10 are simply not worth it unless you have your own roadie crew. You're better off with two 4x10s.
i get what your saying i dont need 8x10 i sught of already new that but can a 4x10 and 1x15\2x15 be able to plug into the head and get goos performance

thanks i suppose i jut put it up cause it was cheap

and to forcemaster what do you suggest
Well for the £550 you would spending buying that rig I got my GK 700RB-II head and NEO2x12 cab, a very light, easily portable rig that knocks the socks off my old MAG410 combo.

This was all used of course, www.basschat.co.uk is a great resource for finding used gear, always a nice selection and some killer deals going.

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Yeah, go with a 4x12 (and perhaps a 1x15 as said). Have you ever seen such a cabinet in real life? How would you go about transporting it?
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sorry i never really saw it got carried away abit im goin with the 4x10 and maybe the 1x15 in hte future thank evreyone