Whenever I've pulled one off i've never been able to do a really wide bend on it. Does anyone know how to get the really wild sounding ones like on the intro to Slanderous by Machine Head? I know its in drop B so the strings are gonna be much more flexible, but I don't understand how they get such a clean note

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That PH on slanderous sounds like a tremolo squeel, you know.. kinda like dimebag.
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It's probably live a dive bomb, but pulling the whammy up instead of pushing it down.

You could try a whammy pedal though? If you insistent on using Pinchs'.

Edit - I listened to it on youtube, it's a pinch, but it has wide vibrato! The name of this thread suggests your just bending it, if you are, use vibrato, it should help a bit. But all the mixing from when they recorded also helps bring the note out clearer and stuff. The best advice I can give is jsut muck around with your amp settings and find a sound thats good for pinchs, aswell as ryhthm and lead stuff.
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That PH on slanderous sounds like a tremolo squeel, you know.. kinda like dimebag.

That's what I thought, but in Drop B there is no harmonic which makes that pitch, but a pinch on the 7th fret on the G (E in drop B) is that pitch, just on the track it was much wider. I sorta guessed it would have been mixed, just wondered if there was any way to get that sound without having a load of effects dumpd on it