Last night my friend who has a heavy metal thrash band called me at the last minute to do a stand in for their guitar player who suddenly quit the band earlier in the day. I had to play on a Crate Flexwave half stack which I know a lot of you guys/girls on here are down on (amp was mic'd to pa). I showed up at the gig with my guitar and two pedals - a keeley modded Boss Metal Zone and a Boss Ge-7 equalizer. I quickly connected the pedals to the Flexwave and prayed to God for at least a SEMI DECENT tone. What I heard was downright impressive. We played a shortened set as I didn't know a lot of their songs all the way through but all went well. After the show I had a LOT of people ask me what the hell I used for my sound. It really was impressive for a cheap SS half stack. So to all the newbies looking for a good sound for the Flexwave, those two pedals turned it into a whole new monster. They, in fact, saved it from the ordinary sounding amp it is. Hope this helps somebody out there.
* Cleans also sounded great with eq pedal on.
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I mean, EQ has more control over an amp, you can make any amp sound good with detailed EQ'ing, even stuff like Marshall MG
well the clean channel is actually really good with a distortion pedal if its micd up a low volume
I guess what I meant is it sounded REALLY good with those two pedals. So if anyone out there has a Crate Flexwave amp and is unhappy with the stock sound, those two pedals (if not just a stand alone eq) will REALLY help that amp shine.