Im a complete beginner at bass, but I can play simple things. I started bass because of RHCP's awesome slap bass. One thing I cant figure out for slapping is slapping any string other than the lowest string. I miss the string Im going for every time. Are there any tips on how to do this? Just to let you know, its Can't Stop by RHCP.
First off, I'm going to say that Can't Stop is actually rathe difficult to get down with all the mutes etc. I'm also going to point you in the way of the FAQ, which has a ink to an excellent thread about slap bass. Finally, accuracy comes with practice.
it took me a while to get it down to even a basic level, i found i kinda had to do a quick flick rather than what i first though was a slap, which i was literally doing, just slapping it lol. but yeah, it just comes to you with practise
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practice. I would invest in a good book with lots of exercises. You will get much better, much faster with a book than just learning songs.