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Pit, I need your help.

There's a house down my street, in a middle-class neighborhood, with a bunch of junkies. The house owner has been arrested 3 times in the past, and everyone knows what they're up to, but the cops can't prove anything and can't get a warrant to search so they can't shut these guys down once and for all.

Their nextdoor neighbor was my high school science teacher, who has 2 small grandsons, and he is constantly finding syringes and stuff in his backyard. Another neighbor of mine once caught one of the guys in her garage attempting to steal a pressure washer. They have been nothing but trouble for the past ~3 years.

Last night, the gas cap on my car, my neighbor's car and his wife's car were all pried open, and gas was siphoned out of all of our tanks. My neighbor heard commotion and saw them working on his wife's car and they took off and disappeared, but he got a good enough look to know it was the same guys form the "crack house."

I just filled my tank and now it's half empty and my cap won't close properly.

I need to **** these guys up. I need to get revenge, preferably without getting myself arrested in the process, but i want to do something pretty extreme. I already have a bunch of guys willing to help (18 - 38 years old) but we need some really great idea.


tl;dr - Junkies have been causing a ruckus in my neighbourhood and now I need suggestions on how to **** them up.
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Shoot them.
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Burn their house, the police will think they did it while doing their drugs.
while theyre out burn their place down. dont use gasoline though. a fire marshall can smell that stuff a mile off
as long as you're sure they won't shoot or stab you, just go beat on them man.

they're junkies.... even if they remember the beating, they're never gonna get it together enough to get back at you.
Tar and feather them.
They have nothing to lose. These people can be dangerous.
They have law enforcement for a reason, work with them to get rid of these people.
Don't **** with junkies. They've probably have been driven bat**** insane by drugs and won't care what happens to them if they kill you.
nick all their drugs and watch em squirm
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Give them a gift of some very very pure heroin.
Don;t tell them that it's pure.
They'll OD
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I'd be careful if I were you, junkies have friends, many of whom are none to pleasant, if you catch my drift. It could all come back on you.
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Physically you will probably be able to take most of them by yourself.

But chances are they will have knives/guns/whatever so i say just call the cops.

Or wear a mask for whatever you do.
A rather ironic day to bring this up.

I somehow think finding a syringe in their neighbours back garden could be used as evidence against them, especially if checked for fingerprints and matched.

As far as crimes go GBH/Assault/Manslaughter>Siphoning petrol. This is assuming the police actually can't find any evidence to prove they're taking drugs.

EDIT: As quite a few people have mentioned f*cking with any sort of criminal is a bad idea, they probably won't think twice about retaliating if they're willing to commit robbery.

tl;dr, don't be an hero and get the police.
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dress up as the A-Team then get a tank, shout aload of catchphrases and arrest them

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We have called the cops many times, they even had a stakeout for a couple days, but these guys are smart enough to keep all their antics inside, and the cops have no power to just barge in.

There was a town meeting about them and the cops admitted that regardless of the situation, the law is on their side and until they can blatantly be caught the cops can't do anything.

So calling the authorities isn't going to work.
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Junkies are irrational and don't give a frig about anything (dangerous). The only way to feel 100% gratified without hard evidence to have them arrested is to break their knees. If you want fun without violence, make anonymous calls to crimestoppers about whatever. It doesn't have to be true.
I'm with burning their house to the ground.

Fire is always a winner.
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Give them a gift of some very very pure heroin.
Don;t tell them that it's pure.
They'll OD

Give them enough rope so they hang themselves. Beautiful.
Use them to your advantage.

Go round there house with some bats, smash everything up and look all angry. They will be really scared, after all they probably only weigh about 8 an half stone each.

Then they will be your bitch, you can do stuff like pay them £3 to clean your car and stuff, and in my experience they do a better job than Ford garage!
You could get them all to OD. That be pretty fun, or just wait 'till they are all drugged, and burn the house with them in it.
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Take their smack.
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Buy a sniper rifle. It will be just like Halo, but with junkies...
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brick all of there windows, they wont be able to pay for them and they will be so cold they will have to move out or use those siringes against them for evidence of them doing drugs. Or even if you want to be drastic if they want your fuel out of your car make petrol bombs throw them out your house screming 'Take that smackheads!' and wave the finger aswell. Or Why dont you get the mafia to move in on there drug territory and bust there asses
Give them some sort of strong hallucinogen and **** about wit their minds muddafukka.

Or join in with the crack fun.
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Question to TS, where are you from?

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If they truly are junkies, they have weapons. Probably guns to protect their drugs and whatnot. And they're too hopped up on drugs to feel pain. So if your gonna **** with them, you better make sure you actually kill them. Otherwise find a way to lure them out to where the cops can bust them. And killing them...well...not the best idea.
You could be like CJ from San Andreas, take back the hood mu****a.

Whatever you do, it will come back to get you though...if they find out its you that is.
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Is your car expensive? If not sugar up your petrol tank, then laugh as they destroy their own car with your sugar riddled petrol. You could also inform the police that your going to do it, which may provide some sort of evidence.

Failing that the high quality heroin one would have been a good idea if you hadn't been told it on the internet
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1) Go to the pet store and buy a large tarantula.
2) Place the tarantula under the gas cover on top of the cap
3) Set up cameras and wait.
4) Post video on Youtube
5) ??????????
6) Profit!
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It's probably a bad idea doing anything to them. Just wait a while, their bound to get caught doing something.
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