Rightey, so I've been playing on a MIA HIghway one tele for about 7 months now and decided it was time to upgrade my gear from a 10 watt yamaha amp and nothing else to some decent equipment...

I live in the middle east so varied equipment is a little hard to come by but enter your suggestions none the less please and I shall try looking for it (a whole street dedicated to guitar shops exists here =P)

Well, what I looked at so far was 2 Boss pedals, The MT2 metal zone and the Dynamic Wah pedal...please suggest some alternatives...these guys only seem to deal in boss so ima haveto look at other shops for different stuff...

THen there was the Marshall MG but reading other posts it would seem that its not the best idea...there are some shops that deal in peaveys and laneys and I think orange as well so lemme know about those...I dont need i repeat do not need anything more than 20 watts, and no digital amps please...hate those effects...and a tube amp is outta my budget so as much Id love to have one...no can do...plus I dont really want one :P

THe music that I play varies from John Mayer and Maroon 5 on the clean-ish side to Rage Against the Machine, audioslave, finger 11, Rise Against and various punk artists on the grungy side...
Edit: RHCP also features somewhere in the middle =P

Thanks for all your help in advance
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hmm..I've got a Peavey VK 212 and it's wesome.
Orange amps are awesome aswell..
Laneys rock too...
but it depends on what style you like
and yea...please stay away from MGs xD

EDIT: didn't see that you wrote artists....I guess Peaveys will be good for what you're looking for...the VK is awesome for punk(I play punk with it and it's great).
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Yea stay away from MG's 100%
But definitely try out the laneys and orange amps, i couldn't be happier with my laney.
but i think the orange might be more suited to you.

Just never buy an amp without trying it out.

And there are some lower end tube amps which you may still be able to afford, not sure on your budget though.
Right so, Staying away from the MG's is clear then xD

Err Laney's I checked them out, theyve only got stuff which is like 500W+ so yeaa...*pats wallet* Im Good =P
EDIT: my bad there are smaller models available i need to go check them out but the VC 15 seems good..
I looked at a couple of the oranges the only models available are the Crush 15R and 30R, which is about what I'm looking at but I havent got a chance to play on one yet.
I played on a couple peavey's they didnt really suit me much, If theres any other brand that might be good for playing please do suggest it
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Well I have quite a bit, but I dont wanna spend it all on amps, I need advice on pedals too!! xD I checked up on the Zoom Pedals apparently theyre brilliant but I dunno, I kinda preferred the Boss ones better
Put it all to the amp, how much do yo have then? There really are no amps that sound decent and have no built effects at that price
Ehh, Then I've got...$500...

EDIT: Checked out the smaller models of LAney theyve got a LX 20 R at a price even lesser than the marshall MG so Im really considering it now...
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Well i checked them out thing is i dun need a cabinet and all that...I asked the price of a LX 20 R and an LX 35 R. THe 20R is going for $100, and the 35 R is for $160 so is that a good deal? and moreover how is the amp as compared to other series...
Mmm well I don't really want those amps you mentioned Horlicks cuz theyre too big and im not exactly a Pro player, dun really need a cabinet..plus shipping charges and all that cost a ****load...so comparing to the other amps out here which would be the crush series, line 6 spider and the Marshall MG's how good is the LX 20?

Also I checked out pedals for myself, The best ones ive seen so far are the Roctron Tri Wah, The Boss Dynamic wah, the Boss MT-2 Distortion and the Boss Digital delay...I know im going in for the digital delay once i save up a bit more but which wah pedal would be better in terms of playability becuz well theyre the same price with the difference that the rocktron has the expression pedal whereas the boss is just a simple stompbox. The other distortion pedals included The roctron zombie rectified distortion, and ehh, the Rocktron metalzone? something like that....