I would love to go out and buy myself a Schecter C1 Classic, but when should someone get a new guitar? When their old one breaks? Hwne their bored of their current one? Is there really any point of getting a new guitar if you just like to play stuff and not go out and perform in the near future?
1. Old One Breaks (beyond repair)
2. When you want to play a different style of music
3. When you have money.
whenever you damn well feel like it.

getting new gear is always fun even if you don't need it. If you have the money, go for it.
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1. Old One Breaks (beyond repair)
2. When you want to play a different style of music
3. When you have money.

1 yes if old one breaks
2 the same
3 you could always upgrade amp instead

also go try some guitars and you can see a worthy diference with your actual guitar go for it
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whenever you want, for whatever reason you want.
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Whenever you want
Whenever you like
Whenever you say
You pay the money and take your choice
Whenever you need
Whenever you use
Whenever you win
Whenever you lose

-Status Quo

Basically, if you feel that you need one, get it. If you're not sure, don't. Same with pretty much any other posession.
To enjoy a different style of guitar, different sound, shape, looks..
All depends on what you want to hear when you strum your guitar..
Blues, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Funk.. ect..
whenever you want.

if i had the money, i would get a new 1 at least every month
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For a different style or if your old one breaks are definitely the two biggest reasons, but also if you find that your current guitar just sounds plain bad and other guitars that you try out sound good. (basically, when you're fairly experienced).

Someone who's been playing a crappy starter for a few months and can't tell the difference between it and a high end guitar shouldn't buy a new guitar, simply because they can't appreciate it.
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