I bought an Ibanez IC200 from a shop online.. based somewhere in portsmouth and i love it... except today i found a problem with the neck humbucker...

When i play the 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th frets on the low E-String with the neck humbucker on, all i hear is a humming. i dont hear the note, just a whole load of bass... and i know this is a problem with the neck humbucker because the bridge pickup works fine.

the 1st-10th fret on the low E string, played through the neck pickup sound perfect, but a loud humming occurs when the 11th-14th fret is played. i know nothing about changing parts of guitars.. is there anything i can do to fix this problem? the neck humbucker is INF3 and bridge is INF4
ah i forgot to mention. when i pick close to the bridge, while playing the 11th-14th fret, i can hear the note perfectly, however when i pick closer to the neck humbucker itself, i do not hear anything but bass.
the further i pick towards the bridge, the clearer the sound =(

every single other string, and fret :P sound perfectly normal. its just the bottom e string.
i lowered the humbucker.. but it did nothing :'(
nothing changed, i still could only hear bass when i played those 4 frets.