I got to see this Athens based band last night and might I say they were fantastic. Their second album "Mission Control" was released in January on ATO Records. I highly recommend them to everyone. They were all extremely nice guys too. They seem to be getting more and more well known, but devoid of love on UG so I thought I'd spread the cheer.
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God is dead.
These people are great. "Right Hand On My Heart" is such a choon.
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and she probably lives in Tahiti.
I have seen them 3 times. I really enjoy their music. I'm glad there are some other whigs fans on UG
I hung out with the Whigs after their Seattle show. They were the most awesome guys ever. Hella chill. And Mission Control is amazing, the whole album. Right Hand On My Heart, Mission Control, Sleep Sunshine and Like a Vibration. All of those songs rock freakin' socks.