So i am pretty set on purchasing a Carvin V3. But im going to make sre before i do so, does anyone else own one or have played one?

ive heard only good things about them.
Ive been playing roughly 4-5 years, and i play a lot of Rush, Classic rosk, some metal, not a lot, and some blues, and use clean sounds as well when jamming.

thanks for your opinions!!!!
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ive heard the bass gets away form the amp at times and its voiced a little too much in the treble area. so if you play with a real bassy tone you might need some more tweaking. seems like a cool amp though!
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I would have to say yes. From all of the videos of the amp and reviews it points to the V3 being an amazing amp. You can always go to the Carvin Discussion forums and talk to carvin owners there. The legacy also seems to be quite an interesting amp, Steve Vai uses them.