so i have a little 5 watt solid state practice amp laying around and ive been thinking of making it into a tube amp as a little project, ive been using google and i tryed the search bar and haven found wat i need. so what im asking you guys is what i need to know to convert it and where to get the parts, either through sites or yourself. all help would be much appreciated. o and btw the amp is complelte and funcitonal if that helps any.
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I think it would be extremely pointless to be honest. You would have to change nearly every component. Sure maybe you could keep the speaker but it is hardly worth it. Maybe get 1/2 watt or something tube amp kit?
You are better off just buying or building a tube amp from a kit. Most solid state amp parts are either smd or integreated circuits and stuff. These are not going to be very useful in building a tube amp. If you are interested in building a tube amp i would suggest doing some research. I recomend AX84 kits as a first time build because the community there is very helpful. However, expect to do some research because many of the forum members there expect to see some commitment by the builder and not just asking every question. If building from scratch seems too much of a problem for you then you may just be better off buying a tube amp.