I'm getting my first electric soon, and I'm trying to go for a Zappa type of tone, but also something that can play a wide variety of styles.

So, I've tried out a couple different guitars (SG, Les Paul, Strat, etc.) and I'm too inexperienced with electrics to know too much of the differences.

So, I need some suggestions on what to try out and what to look for as a guitar, amp, effects, etc. Also, what guitar, amp, pickups, effects, etc. can provide a Zappa type of tone?

He used an SG a lot. If you're craving the "I'm the Slime" tone, I'd say get an SG '61 Reissue (yea yea biased). Or get a standard I guess. I can nail the Zappa tone pretty much with my SG, you'd need a wah though.

What's your budget?
$1500, and maybe up to $1700 or so. This is for guitar, amp, and effects though.
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SG VoX Valvetronix 50 watt

He doesn't need 50 watts, even if it's solid-state (or hybrid, whatever it is).
i think zappa used a carvin x100b, im sure there are other amps that could pull his tone off though
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