pretty good man! Great song to cover. It's tough though, you pulled it off pretty well, I'd say.
"Strangers passing in the street, by chance two separate glances meet, and I am you and what I see is me."
It was okay I guess.

But I did not like your vocals at all.
Of course you dont have to sing it just like John and Paul did, but sometimes it just didnt fit in with the song.
i like the guitar! works well.

vocals are kinda whiney though. No real pronounciation. You kinda slur everything, so it sounds out of key in some sections.

Otherwise good!
Gibson, Martin, Orange, Apple.
i love john lennon, but i can NEVER sing any of his songs.
i've been trying to cover his solo song "jealous guy" for ages now, and no matter what key i put it in i just can't do it, i was surprised that i could kinda stumble my way through this one, haha.
looks like i replied before seeing two responses
thanks, yeah, one thing someone told me is that i need to work on singing words clearer, i'm gonna try to work on that more.
amazing song to cover

the playing was nice, and you made it your own which was creative on your part

the thing about that song though, is the melody

it´s raw, it took them longer than any other song to record so think about the number of hours they put into putting everything together in just that way
yea this was the final track of their concept album. we've been studying it in A2 music. its really weird.

Not sure whether its good or back you left out the atonal transitions? Could've been interesting but does have the possibility to sound like you've just messed up...
Gibson, Martin, Orange, Apple.
i tried to do something about the crescendos, but it all just sounded bad