My name is John Hanford and a guitar teacher in East Hampton NY have some vids with
some guitar basics on them and would like to share with UG Beginner Guitarists.
What is proper protocol without hurting anybodys feelings .The last time I got on a forum
I was chastied and I don't know what I did wrong so I Bailed.
I dont know if there is a protocol, but I guess you're better asking a mod about lessons. you also might want to submit links to the videos to begin with. And as long as you're not asking for money to see the lesson (advertising/ spamming the site) I guess you're fine.

Good Luck and thanks for helping us out

Oh also you should say what kind of guitar lessons you're teaching; like for acoustic/ classical/ electrical or all.
just hang around 'guitar basics' thread and people will be glad to hear your advice there.
I don't charge much...

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Hi John,

UG has a rather tight policy about advertising sites with commercial interests. You don't seem like a fly-by-night operator that most of those rules are targeted at. Do NOT put links to the sites in your sig, or post them anywhere on the forums until you've been given the go-ahead by UG staff. I'll ask one of the Moderators to look at your profile page and advise you whether they are OK there, or need to be removed.

There are a few members who have made extensive contributions through helpful replies on the forums. Those few members have been given permission to put links in their signatures. The more active and helpful you are on the forums, the more likely it will be that you will get the same considerations.

Good luck,
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First of all, nice vids

Yeah, what we don't like is people advertising their own sites and stuff, hope you understand. If you get in touch with Dyuha, however, he may upload your videos on ultimate-guitar.tv like some other guitar teachers have done.

Also, feel free to link to resources on other websites you feel are relevant to answering people's questions.

Any questions, just give me a shout
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