I'm currently working on the solo to Crazy Train. I try to practice 4 bars of tab that I haven't learned yet a day. I'm playing it real slow and trying to remember it. I'm just wondering how other's learn solo's. It seems like there is always some one out there who has a way of making things easier. I thought this was a weird question to post, But It would be cool of someone had some good advice.
just learn it slowly and at a speed you can do it without any mistakes, then try speeding it up abit and make sure thats perfect then keep on going till its all learnt and remembered. not much help i know but hey
well,im starting the wah solo to enter sandman...i just play and memorize a bar at a time
i play it slowley and speed it up
then i move on to the next bar,memorize and play that one
...then i go back to the start of the solo and play what i have untill its at full speed
i repeat that, bar by bar till the end