well i went to a friends party yesterday and he plugged his computer to his half stack, and used it as a speaker to play music on, i got inspired and did the same on my amp.. is this in any way harmfull towards the amp or the computer?

Shouldn't be as long as you keep the volume low enough not to blow your computer speakers.

I connect up my microcube to my computers line in for recording.
All you need is a double ended 1/8th inch lead which you plug into the computers headphone jack and stick into the amp with an 1/4 inch adapter

I'd keep it low volume though (although that probably isn't a problem for large cabs; a computer can't go that high) and remember that an amp is designed to colour the sound rather than produce it perfectly; but at a party i cant see it being too bad a problem

I do it all the time, and my laptops continually plugged into my stereo as its much better than the stock tiny speakers
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as long as you are taking a line out from your computer and not an amped out that some (mostly old) sound cards had and plug that to the line in of your amp and your amp has both a left and a right input then no big deal at all... sound might not be great because most guitar and other speaker stacks are designed usually for specific frequencies and are not as broad range as most computer speakers meaning you will "miss" certain sounds coming from the speakers, the stacks usually dont sound so good at lower volumes so you need it turned up thus driving anyone within a 1/4 mile radius crazy (haha) (due to extra surface area of speakers it seems like low volume playing still can be heard (just not clearly) a good distance away in the house etc)

You may also get hum/buzz due to different grounding etc too in some cases.

So.... as long as your line in/out balanced/unbalanced 60hz hum ground isolation stuff is all ok and you dont mind having say 2x12 L 2x12 R and then realizing you are only using woofer cone shaped speakers meaning your mids/lows will be the only things you hear mostly and when the lows go really low the mids disappear and the highs are mostly non existant then rock on.
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I did that using a cable from my computer line out to the extension out put on my amp.. magically, the sound stopped working on my computer, I might have done something wrong, though
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I have connected my iPod through my Mesa before when I was cleaning my garage and wanted to listen to some music. I plugged my iPod into a sonic maximizer and then ran the BBE through both FX loops. No ill effects suffered by my amp.
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