heres my issue - everytime i solo i always get unwanted noise from lightly brushing against other strings. if i bend a string, the string above it rings, whenever i remove my finger from one string to go onto the next it rings. i've tried playing real slow and it still happens. i know the reponse will likely be "practice more", but practice what? thanks
you should just play more and your playing will get cleaner eventually.. not very revolutionary advice but that's the way it goes
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palm mute in between string transitions.


also try not to pull of as much as move from string to string, to reduce recoil.
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like nirvana dude said,when taking your finger off the string...try not to make a pull off noise
dont push down as hard,use less force
try and mute the strings u don't want with other fingers of your fretting hand. but if you practice your picking will become more accurate and then that will be less of a problem.

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I always have this problem too... I noticed it particularly when playing the intro to Sweet Child O' Mine (yes yes, overplayed I know..). When I try and make a string change I end up making the previous string I was fretting ring out... It's annoying as hell :/
play it as slowly as possible and try to find out at what point the unwanted sound happens, then just practice that part but each time slightly adjusting your fingering.
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