A new project has started.

I'm going to hold the video contest of My tune, From Hellman With Love ~For Kids~. I accept the entry from all over the world.

Though of course playing neatly and accurately is important, the most important point is how you can play it cool. So, in this contest, winner is the person who played most coolly.

Making the entry is quite easy. Take the video of you playing From Hellman, upload it to youtube, then you will be ready to enter! Send the video's url and your name ( the screen name is also acceptable) to me, that's all!

I never mind about tone quality and image quality. You just let me say, Coool!!!

The entry period is for one year! Top 3 is updated at any time for one year. You can enter the contest unrestrictedly. You can enter again and again for keeping Top3 for a long time for one year even if passed once. Making the entry with the highest work and sitting on a very top seat is
good. Greatly reversing it at a very limit time is also good.

Closing it on March 21, 2009. Of course I prepare some prizes for the winners in top3 at that time. And I hope to make tunes with the winner.

Though I called it contest, it's not so formal. What a happiness to enjoy music by my tune with you. Enter the contest and enjoy it! I'm waiting for your coming.

I recently came across this contest, as stated above its gonna be run for a year so plenty of time. Hope some of you guys enter it too. You can either learn the song by ear or obtain the tab by purchasing his album.

Have Fun

thats an amazing song
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that sounds so ****ing sick

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In order to tease them, I think you should be more specific about the prizes to win.....