Ok...my iPod is dead...competely gone...i was wondering if anybody knew of an MP3 compatible with iTunes that isn't an iPod, or could suggest the longest lasting iPod.
I'm going to guess it doesn't exist.

Just delete Itunes and use winamp with the mp3 player of your choice (even if its an Ipod)
my iPod is nearing the age of 3 and I have had no problems

but you don't need a mp3 compatible with itunes, the music will still be stored on your computer
why would you want to keep itunes? i find it very restricting
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well my ipod shuffle has never ever failed me i believe it could stand pretty much anything.
My ipod classic also feels very solid although i wouldn't throw it like i have done with my shuffle,
but i have dropped it many times before and it has survived with a few chips on the corner.

so if you want to use itunes again. Just buy another ipod.
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ipods are nothing special. I know many people who have had a ton of problems with them. People just buy into the whole brand name thing when really there are tons of other better brands out there for much lower prices. But if you wanna fit in with everyone else and get a ipod then do it. I bought a Sansa, no itunes, just drag and drop mp3s. Cheaper than an ipod, plays videos, stores pics, has radio, and does voice recordings if for some reason you need to.