When I preview my tab, the chords (letters) I placed above the lyrics don't show up in the correct spots. They just move to the left side of the page. I'm pretty sure you don't have to put characters in between the chords because I've seen people just use spaces. Any ideas on what to do?

I had the same problem with the preview for the chords. It shows up completely off in the preview but if you submit it all the spacing is fine with the chords. Maybe the preview just isn't recognizing the spaces? I'm not sure, but as long as it looks fine on the main tab submission page it will turn out fine when you submit it.
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That's what I was thinking... I just didn't want to risk posting it anyway and make myself look like an idiot with a screwed up tab. Thanks for the reply!
I was wondering about this as well. I was going to uplaod some lyrics with the chords above them but as you say, in the preview all the chords were to one side and I couldn't put the correct spacing between them, so I didn't bother uploading the lyrics.

One small question here though to those who have posted chords with lyrics and they've been spaced out properly, is it better to make the long spaces with the space bar on the keyboard or with the tab button, or doesn't it matter? the reason behind this question is that sometimes the Tab button does strange things when its used.

Cheers. Ewan.
Use spaces, not Tabs.

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How come those chords are there to begin with? Even in my sheet music book, it will have the chord Am above the 2 notes A and E. That's not the A minor chord...
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