Could anyone possibly tell what the difference is between open coil humbuckers and closed? Is there a variation in sound? thanks
yeah, they sound different and look different.
...the first if which is a pretty big deal as far as pick-ups go
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Just looks really. People say that output of pickups is increased but its hardly noticeable. Like, VERY hard to notice.
Taking the cover off a humbucker will make a tiny difference to the tone, but most people wouldn't notice it - I know I wouldn't. It's really just a cosmetic choice.
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Open is supposed to have more bite, a bit brighter than pickups with covers which are supposed to have a softer tone. I might be wrong, and it could just be the difference in pickups but I've noticed a trend that would suggest that what I just said is true.
yeah, i know it looked different but wasn't sure of the sound thanks for clearing that up everybody