Hey. I'm a guitarist and my brother plays bass and he asked me if he could try out some of my effects pedals with his bass. I don't care if he uses them, but I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't the bass or pedals or anything because I'd heard something about how guitars can go through bass amps but basses can't go through guitar amps or the other way around or something. Thought it might apply to pedals, too. Or I could be totally imagining that. Anyway, do you know if this will hurt any of our gear? Thanks.
Yeah, most pedals are fine. I use my Little Big Muff for my bass all the time.
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As for amps, you're not supposed to switch because it sounds like crap. And same with pedals. They'll both work with the wrong instrument, but they sound best on what they're made for. Hell, you can run microphones through your guitar effects even. It doesn't matter. Oh, but a bass can blow a guitar amp because it can't handle the frequencies. But effects are fine.
nope. it'll be fine.

just don't use a bass through a guitar amp if you didn't already know. that's a true rumor.
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