Loved the intro strings. It felt a bit like a movie score lol. However, parts of the song felt too repetitive. The intro strings are imo too long. The heavy parts are mostly ok, 'cept that it needs rhythm guitar and/or bass, and that it is too repetitive.

On some parts it was kinda hard to hear what's going on, especially with your choice of effect on the guitars and the dropped C tuning, a problem which could easily be remedied by utilizing a rhythm section. Imo it would also be better if you insert some kind of interlude and/or solo there, to kill the repetitive, warn-out feeling there. You could also change the rhythm, if you have wrote it that is, on the last half of the song to make it feel a bit less repetitive.

The ending just didn't cut it for me. That part was awesome as an intro, but kinda meh as am outro. The idea of returning to strings on the ending was great, however it was not executed well enough. Perhaps make a new arrangement for the strings there?

Overall, it's an ok song, but barely half of it was audible for me . FFS, you've made my ears bled . I'd give it a 6.75/10. You should work on this, as this song have potentials. C4C? It's the second one in my sig, the progressive symphonic metal one.