are 30 watt amps good enough for small gigs? or does it have to be more, what is optimal for gigs (not being willing to fork out for a stack)
If it is a tube amp yeah its enough, if its a solid state you would kinda have to sacrifice tone and you would probably get enough volume..
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30 watts is plenty for a small gig - quite often in small venues they mic up the amp and set the sound through the pa if its above 30 watts anyway so you should be fine with that. doesn't really fit with bandleading, but i'm not fussy about where things belong lol.
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i thnk it kind of depends on what style of band it is, iv tryed a 30 watt by itself for my metal band and it just doesnt work as its covered by drums. i use a 120 spider that cost me couple hundred pound on ebay and its fine for gigs about to about 300 people id say, a 30 is ok if its miked into th pa though
^120 Watt Spider 2X12 = lulz...

Anyway, if 30 watts is enough to keep up with your drummer, then its enough period. Drums pretty much have to set the mix in most smaller environments so it depends a lot on both how heavy handed the drummer is and how the drums are tuned (and if the cymbals are dark or bright, etc).

If you're not playing with a drummer then 30 watts will always be enough; at least until you're playing arenas.