So I've had this start copy lying around that looked like this:

I sanded the body down to this

Here's a mockup of what it could look like finished, keep in mind that everything is resting in place, so some thing may look offset

I'm still not sure what kind of wood it is, (please post in this thread CLICK if you have any idea), so I'm not sure if it'll sound good with a H-S-H pickup combo. It originally had S-S-S, but I found out it's routed for H-S-H, which appeals to me alot more. I might put some dimarzios in there this summer when I get some money, because I've seen Steve Vai using a modified start before.

I'm also gonna sand down the neck a bit to make it more playable

So please post any finishing or pickup ideas you might have. Cheers
definatley go with the HSH pickup arrangement--i actually modded my strat to that configuration. It gives a much different sound than your standard sss strat, but its very versatile

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