I have been trying to download some torrents, and I don't get how the whole 'crack' thing works, because I've only downloaded smaller files like movies and music. I'm trying to download a computer game right now. I guess the answer might be in the torrent thread, but when I look through there, its just page after page of "I'll do something crazy and put it on YouTube for an invitation". Thanks for your help
Cracks usually come with programs or games in torrents. They can be patches that let you install things without cd's or bypass resgistration or they could be key generators that give you serial key's to register a product
There's usually instructions on the torrent's page.
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or a file called readme.txt or patch/crack.txt
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If you're downloading a crack by itself, it'll probably be a .exe file and you'll have to replace the original .exe in the game with the new one.
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I've heard people talking about moving all sorts of files around, like cracks. Don't you have to download some program to do something? It seems hard the way people talk about it.