I am new to guitar playing, and would love to have the Chords to The Nixon's (Sad Sad Me) I got as far as Capo the first Fret, and the First 2 Chords C and G after that I am an idiot. Any help after that is greatly appreciated.
well first , are trying to tab it in normal tuning if so you are 1 half step hi than the cd what you need to do is tune down a half step that will put you in tune with cd . next you need to find you a free program to slow down your song that you are trying to tab and still keep you in pitch. here is a link to a free program that i use it is very good its cald bestpractice http://www.download.com/BestPractice/3000-2133_4-10794555.html?tag=lst-1&cdlPid=10794554 you will like very simple
It would be nice to have a tab of this. It is most likely in Eflat tuning.

Might not take too long to learn it by ear.
I am currently doing the tab of the song for you today .

I will do it with and without capo in standard tuning although it is tuned down to Eb tuning.. If that is ok with you...

You can always tune your guitar down to Eb and transpose the chords.

The song isn't that hard and basically you are on the right track..

when I am done I will post the link back here.
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