Hi fellas. I'm in plans for a new amp. And so far, I've been looking at either a 5150, an Engl fireball or maybe even an Engl Screamer (combo). Here, they all cost roughly the same. I play mostly metal, very seldomly rock out to some Hellacopters or something and I almost never play clean.

So, which of these three would be teh shiat for de-tuned riffing? Leads really aren't my cup of tea. The amps rythm abilities is more important.

and, what cabs would be nice for the above amps if I want plenty of low-end? cab-wize, I can stretch to about 500 euros.

Of course I'm going to try'em before I buy them. I just want others opinions
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but is that a mkIII there?

stick with that then matey

I'm not that fond of the sound from my mark, actually.
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I also would say the fireball.

I have heard great things about ENGL, I really am thinking about getting one later as well.
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listen to machine heads first album they got some insanely awesome tones outta their block 5150's

check out the engl clips here http://rocksolidamps.com/index.php?contain=playlist&mid=155

+1 They also used it on the Blackening which has an awesome guitar tone.
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i'd have thought it's a toss-up between the fireball and peavey...

just watch you aren't downgrading from your mark, though.
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Well I tried both, but I get the idea I was after a different sound that you are after now.

I went for the Fireball though. Just sounded a lot nicer to my ears. I can't remember what the Peavey sounded like but I didn't like it. The Fireball has a much better chug to it.
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either i like both

i play a 6505 and the other guitarist plays a fireball....i think the 5150 has a bit more grunt and the fireball has more a higher shreddy sound to it....just my opinion
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I'd really rather have the Fireball having finally played one.

I used to own a 5150 and after playing around with it for months could never get it to sound quite how I wanted so I sold it and got a Mark IV. They sound great recorded, but I just can't seem to get a sound I like out of them live.

The Fireball has a lot of gain but the clean channel is also nice and is a major plus for me, don't know if you really need cleans, but I like to have them just in case. People say it's only a death metal type amp, but it's more versatile than people give it credit for, add an OD and you're gtg for almost anything really.
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hmm, this really didn't help much I believe it's a 1½ hour trip to the guitar store then to sort some things out.

altough it sounds like the Fireball is the one to look for
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